Global Doctors Virology Department is an arm that specialises in immunisation. Viruses have been plaguing humans since the beginning of history. Some, more lethal than others, such as chickenpox, Ebola, AIDS, hepatitis, and influenza (the flu) are viruses that both humans and virologists have been struggling with.


Many people misunderstand the nature of viruses and mistakenly believe that drugs like antibiotics help to combat the virus. For instance, if you contract the flu, the best medicine is rest and drinking lots of fluids. Nevertheless, there are many preventative vaccinations now available to humans, such as the hepatitis B vaccine or typhus shots. These vaccines are designed to immunize people against contracting viral infections instead of dealing with them after the fact, which for many viruses is impossible to do. For those traveling to foreign regions at risk for various viral epidemics, they are advised to get inoculated with region-specific vaccines to prevent catching a lethal virus.

We work closely together with Travel Medicine in developing the right immunisation plan for you.