Emergency Medical Transport

We transfer medically ill or injured patients with international safety and standard care from hospitals within Klang Valley.

Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances (MICA)

This service is jointly managed by Global Doctors. Mobile intensive care ambulance (MICA)’s paramedics and nurses have had advanced training that emphasises clinical decision-making (MICA is always assisted by a physician, medical officer or anesthetists).

Contractual Emergency Medical

The contractual service is to provide onsite emergency medical services and to management the EMS systems with international standards for requested group such as hospitals, major concerns or government etc… e.g. Prince Court Ambulance Service (outsourced) is managed by us.

Special Emergency Medical Standby Services

This service is for any special events such as sports, marathons, carnivals or any other mass casualties gathering together may need an emergency medical ambulance to be on standby.

Patient Transport Service (PTS)

The Patient Transport Service (PTS) takes non-emergency patients to and from their hospital and clinic appointments. It is up to your doctor, nurse, hospital consultant, dentist or midwife to assess your needs and book the transport should you need it. For more information about patient transport, including how to book please use the numbers below relating to your area.