Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Transport Technology in partnership with Global Doctors (GD) has embarked on a Total Solution Emergency Medical Service (EMS). The Global Doctors (GD) Group has been in the business of primary care and pre-hospital service for more than 10 years and now together with ETT, has a presence in all countries in the Asia Pacific Region, with partner primary care centres in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Our Specialists

Global Doctors (GD) has developed an Academy of Emergency Medicine, offering an extensive syllabus, accredited by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the North Shore LIJ and the University of New Mexico.
The Emergency Medical Service System created by GD and ETT integrates all aspects of emergency response, from point-of-call to patient delivery.

The Operation Centre uses advanced emergency telecommunication for prioritizing emergency responses. The System is further enhanced with specialist software programs amalgamated with an on-board computer program. It is enables a wide range of data to be collated, including automatic recording of critical fleet management information such as vehicle faults and vehicle maintenance data - even on-board equipment checklists.

To enhance the critical role of emergency personnel in the field and to ensure a safe and effective system, strong medical leadership is also provided through in-house and consultant specialist medical staff.

ETT and GD have identified the critical elements which comprise a world class EMS, which include the following:

  • Personnel and suitable training
  • World class communications and emergency facilities
  • Transportation (ETT ambulances are sophisticated and efficient mobile patient care units, where life-saving procedures can be undertaken)
  • Critical care units
  • Public safety agencies (strong ties with Police and Fire Departments)
  • Access to Care (The EMS must provide all individuals with access to emergency care, regardless of ability to pay)
  • Non-Emergency patient transfer facilities
  • High standards of record keeping
  • Provision of public information and education extolling the benefits of an excellent EMS system and how to access it
  • Ongoing independent review and evaluation of the EMS service and procedures
  • Disaster linkage and mutual aid

We provide expertise relative to communications, hardware & equipment, training & education and management, to ensure a best-in-class public service system.


The clinic is equipped with digital imaging (digital X-ray), thus reducing your radiation exposure and is outfitted with the latest dental equipment for optimum patient care and comfort. We also use modern techniques, high quality materials and first class laboratories in providing treatments to give you a smile to be proud of.

Emergency Transport Technology

  • Ambulances (International Standard, safe & reliable)
  • Equipment (international specification and consensus )
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch and Data Management Systems (State-of-the-art)

Global Doctors

  • Standardization
  • Protocols, Systems planning and coordination
  • Medical Direction and Medical Oversight
  • Emergency Medical System Design and Configuration
  • Structure of Emergency Medical System
  • Practice of Medical
  • Medical Oversight
  • Protocols on Standard of Care for field of clinical practice
  • Orientation and Credentialing (Evaluator, Educator, Mentor)
  • Education/training of Emergency Medical Technician
  • Certification of Emergency Medical Technician (Basic /Intermediate /Paramedic )
  • CME
  • Standardization of Emergency Medical Service Education & Training
  • Aero-medical Transport Integration


Excellence in Pre Hospital Care

Mission Statement

To provide an international standard cost effective emergency medical ambulance service to benefit all.