Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre

The Centre provides services to people by taking their medical emergency call, dispatching an ambulance and providing first-aid advice and support to the caller.

The Emergency Medical Response Centre will provide a level of telephone assistance, which can vary from just simple advice (such as ‘see your doctor’) through to complete instructions for CPR. If you are the person making an emergency call to the Response Centre, this telephone advice is perhaps the most valuable feature--saving lives.

Underlying the EMD are systems and processes to ensure a high standards of service delivery to the community. Some of these systems and processes include:

  • Integrated AVLS and GPS tracking systems
  • Software call-taking and dispatch solutions
  • Trained people undertaking the work
  • Organisational oversight
  • Protocols and procedures.

An EMD is not just a telephone call-centre, although some people seem to think it is. Rather, it is a team of specially trained and skilled staff who understand the coordinated and fully operational requirements of an emergency pre-hospital service, supported by advanced tools at their disposal.