Since our cardiology department is integrated into Women's Wellness and Men's Health, you can complete your entire cardiac consultation and investigation without ever having to leave the department.


This department at Global Doctors offers the following facilities:

Cardiac Consultation Office Treadmill Test

An adequate evaluation of your heart's function is made only when the heart is tested both at rest and during activity. A stress treadmill test is prescribed to assess the function of your heart during activity. The test normally runs for 20 minutes but if you feel tired before that, or your knees hurt, the test can be stopped immediately. This test is always performed under the supervision of your cardiologist.


An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. An echo study of the heart reveals crucial information about the condition of the heart valves, its pumping efficiency as well as detailed scrutiny of the heart's structure itself. The procedure takes about ten minutes and is totally painless.


An ECG (electrocardiogram) test might be ordered by your cardiologist either as a follow-up to your prior studies, as a routine part of your general check-up or as an immediate first line study if you have any symptoms pertaining to the heart. This painless procedure will only take about five minutes to perform.

Blood Biochemistry

A sufficient amount of blood will be sampled for some tests to indicate heart function and predict cardiovascular risk. These tests include enzyme studies, a detailed lipid profile and a detailed glucose profile.