Recognising that audiology and speech therapy needs from a wide spectrum of people, Global Audiology delivers an outstanding service to patients by corrective measures, according to individual needs.


Qualified and experienced clinical audiologists will listen to the different needs of each patient and perform the various diagnostic assessments.

After the tests, you will be advised by the Audiologist if a hearing aid, or other therapy, is required. If a hearing aid is needed, you will be guided through the range of hearing aids available on the market. The right hearing aid for a person depends on a range of factors, including the degree of hearing loss, listening requirements and ear shape and size. Our Hearing Aid specialists provide sound counseling to each individual person in the fitting process to ensure you are fitted with the most suitable product, resulting in the greatest benefit and comfort.

Global Audiology provides a comprehensive range of services, including hearing tests, hearing aids, device dispensing and rehabilitation. A full range of screening and diagnostic audiology services can be conducted at our Mont' Kiara centre, catering to different ages, from children through to the elderly. Service provided at Global Audiology includes:

  • Hearing tests and screening
  • Otoscopic examination
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Middle ear analysis
  • Electrophysiological testing
  • Annual hearing tests
  • Hearing aid fitting, dispensing and counseling
  • Hearing aid electroacoustic measurement