Allergy Clinic

Allergic diseases have a complex origin and many factors have a role in its development including family history, early-in-life exposure to allergens and many other factors.


Allergies are becoming more common because of modern lifestyle changes.

An allergy is an abnormal immune reaction to one or more substances (called allergens) that are harmless to most people. Some common allergens that may trigger allergic reaction is susceptible people include house-dust mites, weed/grass/tree pollens, mammalian pet dander (skin scales), mould spores, common foods, medications and venom of stinging insects.

Dramatic advances in diagnostic technology and increasing knowledge of the immune mechanism in the allergic process makes it possible to identify the causes of allergy in most patients. Careful interpretation of the results and their application in the avoidance measures can bring long-term benefits. Moreover, the recent developments in chemo-therapeutics can complement the above approach and lead to better health.

We at Global Allergy believe that early diagnosis is the key to better management of allergy diseases. We are equipped with the latest technology and expertise in allergy diagnosis and treatment. With your interest in mind, we try our best to assist you on your allergy management.


Dr. M. Yadav Allergist Phd (UWA)