Global Doctors Audiology practices to promote healthy hearing, communication competency and quality of life for people of all ages.
Here at Global Doctors we provide rapid diagnosis before a cardiac situation worsens. Let us help you take care of your heart.
Clinical Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy serves as a guide helping patients to utilize his/her hypnotic abilities to reduce symptoms and improve communication between the mind and the body.
Our well trained and highly experienced Dentists deliver excellent dental solutions with the most effective and appropriate treatment to give our patients a smile to be proud of.
Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing the highest quality dermatologic care, while maintaining their compassion for patient care.
ENT, Head & Neck
Our compassionate team of experts provide comprehensive, Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck services, in hope to be of help to you and your loved ones.
Fitness & Nutrition
We are committed to ensuring that we develop a safe, effective and motivating program to help our patients achieve and maintain their goals for a healthy lifestyle.
Global Doctors Gastroenterology services specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of both common and uncommon gastrointestinal diseases.
Gynecology & Obstetrics
Our respected experts offer a full spectrum of women’s health care services – from yearly checkups and prenatal care to specialized gynecologic care.
Global Doctors Ophthalmology is driven by the commitment to the preservation of vision and prevention of blindness through our variety of services.
The division's professionals provide expertise in a range of orthopaedic services, including minimally invasive spine surgeries.
Global Doctors Peadiatricians are committed to treating your child with careful attention to their individual needs and medical histories to better understand their health concerns.
Everyone has problems but sometimes you might find it hard to cope on your own. Let our experienced clinicians help you by providing personalized and compassionate care.
Early assessment, efficient treatment and personalized consultation are the hallmarks of Global Doctors Psychology services.
Early detection and efficient treatment are the hallmarks of our Psychology department.
Travel Medicine
We are prepared to provide you with the latest health information, prevention, management and immunization services related to international travel.
Our well trained and highly experienced Urologists treat all aspects of urologic diseases, by emphasizing on early diagnosis and efficient treatment.
Global Doctors Virology is an arm that specializes in immunization. Let us help you keep healthy and virus free.