Allergy Clinic
We are equipped with the latest technology in allergy diagnosis and treatment, as early diagnosis is the key to better management of allergy diseases.
Physical Medicine
Global Doctors Physical Medicine provides cutting edge and minimally invasive approaches through its team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and state-of-the-art equipments.
Sleep Clinic
Our Sleep Clinic is enabled to conduct overnight and daytime sleep studies to help diagnose sleep disorders, from insomnia and sleep apnea to snoring.
Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Medicine
Many skin concerns can be greatly improved through skin rejuvenation. Let us help you achieve your most healthy, vibrant and beautiful skin.
Emergency Medical Services
Global Doctors expertise in emergency care consists of custom built ambulances, highly trained paramedics and EMT’s, who are experienced in medical and casualty evacuations.
Therapeutic Services
Our mission is to provide our patients with services that will enhance their sense of well-being through various Massage and Non Manipulative Cranio Sacral therapies.
Dental Aesthetics & Implant Centre
Our well trained and highly experienced Dentists deliver excellent dental solutions with the most effective and appropriate treatment to give our patients a smile to be proud of.
Women's Wellness
Ideally tucked on the fourth floor, it is assured that our female patients are able to go through all their examinations with absolute privacy and convenience.
Radiology & Imaging
With the latest technology in medical imaging and a broad installed base of imaging equipment, our scanners cover the entire range of diagnostic investigations available today.
Diseases and conditions of the upper intestinal tract and large bowel can be found through advanced diagnosis with the help of a gastroscope.
Assisted Reproductive Services
Visit us and let our highly experienced Fertility Specialists help you realize your dream of having a healthy baby, through our Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) services.
Mental Health
The journey of self-discovery can be frightening. But with the right support, you too can et back to you feet again.
Patient Transport Services (PTS)
The Patient Transport Service (PTS) takes non-emergency patients to and from hospital and clinic appointments to ensure a streamlined approach to their medical care.
Home Health
An integrated home healthcare service provided with a unique support structure and team to cater to the continuity of treatment at home or the preferred destination of the patient.
Academy of Emergency Medicine
In house of panel of healthcare professional provider certified training in emergency medicine.